FAQ Of Tomatube

General Question

+ What is Tomatube?
- Tomatube is an automatic video script. This script will help you to make an autopilot website. No need to upload any videos, because the videos are generated automatically.
+ How to monetize my website if using this script?
- To monetize your website, you can use amazon, clickbank, CPA, infolinks, your own product, personal advertising and other make money online program. (Do not put your Google Adsense code on your tomatube website).
+ How to purchase tomatube Script?
- You can purchase our script using paypal or credit card
+ How to install tomatube script?
- To install tomatube script very easy, you don’t need a high skill to do that. Just read and follow our tutorial.
+ Can i contact tomatube team if i am having trouble on installation?
- Yes you can contact us for the installation, the cost for installation is $5 per one installation
+ If i purchase the tomatube script, will i get the free update for my tomatube website and also free support if i have a question
- Yes if you purchase our script, you are automatically joined as our premium member. So you will get the free update and free support from our team
Technical Question
+ Can i use my license on my other website?
No, one license only for one domain
+ Can i install tomatube script on subdomain or subfolder?
- No, you can’t install tomatube script on subdomain or subfolder
+ Can i set what videos that will shown on the homepage?
- Yes, you can set the keywords of the videos on the admin panel. Example, if you want health videos shown on the homepage, so you can set the keyword to health, health tips, health tutorial and other. It’s very easy to change the keyword.
+ Can I upload a video on this script?
- No you can’t upload a video on this script (you don’t need to do that). If you want your own videos appear on your tomatube website, just upload your videos on youtube (put your unique keyword on the title) and then use that unique keyword on your tomatube website.
+ How to set the advertising?
- Very easy, for the video ads, you don’t need to upload any videos, just use your youtube video link. For the text ads, there is two option, plain text and html. You can set the video or text ads on the admin panel. The most important thing is set the keywords of your ads to make it more targeted. Watch our admin demo to see the detail.
+ Where the ads will shown?
- The default ad will be shown on many video and custom ads will be displayed if a user watches a video that contains the keywords that we have set.
- Video ads will shown before your user can watch the video that they want and The text ads will shown on the video (after your user clicked “skip ads” on your video ads).
- Watch our Live Demo to see more detail about where the ads will shown
+ Is tomatube script good on SEO
- Tomatube script created by a SEO worker, we are very care on SEO for this script. We have set the onpage of this script and we also use an automatic text spinner for descripton on this script. So it will make the video description more unique and always fresh.
+ Why can’t i put my google adsense code on my tomatube website?
- Because this script is an automatic video script. For your own safety, once again, don’t put your google adsense code on your tomatube website. You can use other make money program, such as amazon, clickbank, infolinks and other.

* We will update this FAQ page, if there is new question come to us